If exfoliation is key then when you do it is the bomb!


My mom used to always ask do you have to do things butt backwards, and my answer was always I have to do them the way they make the most sense. Just like the old adage of if you keep your ends trimmed your hair will grow that always befuddled me since your hair grows from your scalp, and has since been proven wrong, so does the exfoliation of skin and when to do it really get me.

Most skin care companies will tell you that by cleansing first you help to remove dirt, sweat, and makeup off the skins surface. You are then working with a clean base to then exfoliate away dead skin cells that can pile up on the skins surface. Here’s my problem with that, 1. If I cleanse first and then exfoliate how am I washing the dead skin away? 2. Why doesn’t the new cleared skin deserve to be washed more than the old dead skin? So I searched on the Internet to see if anyone else felt the same way I did and I stumbled across an article where celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer creator of the unique Step Reversing Skin Revival System chimed in with his thoughts on exfoliation, and here’s what he had to say.

” If you are thinking about the top layer of the skin with all the pollution and debris if you use a cleanser first the majority of the debris is not removed.” He goes on to explain and advises using a polish first to blast skins surface. “The polish ingredients are linked directly to prime the skin for the cleansing step that leaves an epidermis that is ready to soak up the nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that skin needs.

Make a little more sense? To me it completely hit on everything I had been questioning about the cleanse before exfoliation.

As far as the cleansing to remove the dirt, oil, debris, and makeup first, well that’s where double cleansing comes in and works like a charm. All you need to do is find a great Cleansing Oil and trust me they are quite a few out there, and on dry skin apply your oil cleansing Oil first, and massage. Rinse, then exfoliate, rinse, and then use your regular cleanser. It really works wonders for the skin doing this three step routine, and the only thing left now is which part of the day, and how often.

I exfoliate every single day, and if your skin doesn’t over produce oils by daily exfoliation then you can too, but if your skin doesn’t appreciate that then you’ll have to go from everyday to every other or three times weekly. Give it a try, and let your skin tell you what it’s up for, but always remember to use a very gentle exfoliant and not a harsh dermabrasion. Those are for treatments reserved once or twice a month and should not be used with exfoliation on the same day.

The other thing is what time of day should you exfoliate? Well let’s think about this because it’s really a no brainer. You could exfoliate first thing in the morning, apply skincare, makeup, pick up a zillion dirt, germs, and debris and come home and just wash your face or you can do it at night which is what I highly recommend for two reasons. 1. By exfoliating at night you are getting rid of every last nasty that the day has put on your skin giving you a fresh clean face for bed. 2. When you sleep your body heals itself just like the “get plenty of rest and fluids” everyone will tell you when you get sick because when the body is at rest it’s not doing the 500 things it does when your awake. This means at night your scrapes, cuts, sickness, and skin all have the time to heal that they need without being put on the back burner.

To me there’s a time, place, and when for everything and exfoliation is no different. I hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with more skincare tips.

Until next time don’t forget to stay sweet!

Love Candi 🍬


Perfectly Imperfect and fine with it


Sometimes I forget things, and I run on coffee all day long just to get anything accomplished, and I mean anything! Sometimes I oversleep, and the kids miss the bus, and sometimes I wake in a panic wondering why my alarm didn’t go off and wake the kids up when it’s a holiday and there’s no school. Sometimes I don’t make people happy, and sometimes I don’t make me happy which is hard to live with, because I am my biggest critic. Sometimes I just throw my hands up and say are you kidding me, and sometimes I trip going up the stairs, but through it all there’s one thing I try to remind myself of, and that’s the fact that I’m not perfect. No one is, we are all Perfectly Imperfect and we should all embrace that about ourselves because it’s a part of who we are. We make mistakes and we move on, and that’s okay because we were never meant to be perfect, we were only meant to be human. So if you feel like you’re not perfect enough for this or didn’t do good enough for that remember that it’s okay, because you’re Perfectly Imperfect, and there is nothing wrong with that at all, you’re only human.

Until next time don’t forget to stay sweet
Candi 🍬

Let’s quit wasting, please


In the world we live in today we are way more germ conscious than we have ever been, and through safe practices like keeping our hands washed we can eliminate germs to keep our families safe, but there is one wasteful practice that drives me nuts, wiping down your grocery cart handle.

In every Walmart and grocery store here there is a container of Hand Sanitizer Wipes that kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria sitting in front of every door opening to go in right next to the buggies we all use to get our groceries and necessities, and everytime I go in someone is using one of said wipes to wipe down the handle of their buggy. Me I’m grabbing my buggy and heading in, and sometimes I’m turning my head to look at them with I’m not sure what expression, but I’m guessing quizzically, because in my head they are wasting a wipe on something silly and creating more trash for the environment.

I mean I completely understand what they are trying to accomplish by doing this, and it’s to kill the germs of whoever used it before because you never know just what kind of cold, flu, or germs someone may have left behind, but brothers and sisters you are wasting your time, and I’m going to tell you why.

So you’ve de germafied your buggy handle and your strolling along to the soup isle where you stop to pick up a couple of cans of soup, and then your on to the cracker isle because what’s soup without crackers? To every isle you go you are picking up your purchases and putting them in the buggy and then putting your hands back on the handle to push your buggy on to the next destination, and all the while you are depositing germs right back where you removed them from to begin with.

Did you ever stop and think about how many hands have handled everything you pick up while your buying your staples? Well you have the company who made them and who knows how many hands have touched them and sure maybe they used gloves but then again maybe they didn’t. Then it’s onto the warehouse were the product is stored until it’s ready to ship, and then placed inside a truck that has probably not had the cargo area cleaned out in a while. Then it’s off to the store where the stocker who is not wearing gloves stocks it on the shelves for all of us to buy. Then it’s picked up and put back by individuals who decided they didn’t want it. Catching my drift now?

In other words what you have picked up has more germs than you can probably count, and you just transferred them to your buggy handle, every last one! So using that wipe in the beginning was wasteful and futile. I may make you feel better, but it’s just cleaning away a place for you to deposit more germs.

Now in my world I don’t wipe down my handles because of this, but I do practice safety while shopping. Here’s what I do, and it may just work for you.

First I never put my hands on my face or body when shopping, and cell phones um only if one of my kids are calling because that’s one thing that will pack on germs in a hurry. When I get in the car I’m using my liquid handsanitizer, and after I get home and put groceries away I’m washing my hands. If I used my cell phone while shopping it’s getting wiped down too.

You can keep yourself safe with practices that are really just common sense without being wasteful, and stop stressing yourself over germs because they are there, and not only that but you yourself are 90% germs and 10% human. Be smart and be safe but don’t be wasteful, and until next time don’t forget to stay sweet!

Love Candi 🍬

Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe

Amazing and simple recipe!


photogrid_1531118444683In the summer, when it is too hot to cook. I like to make light easy dinner recipes that don’t take up too much time in the kitchen.Β  I am sharing my version of Chinese Chicken Salad.

photogrid_1531118388545 Dressing Ingredients

photogrid_1531118207592 This is how I like to slice up my lettuce. I don’t like eating big chunks.


photogrid_1531118334572 Make sure the vermicelli noodles puff up in the hot oil.

photogrid_1531118069936 Grilled, and sliced chicken breasts

photogrid_1531118028489 Salad garnishes – fried vermicelli, chopped green onions, toasted sesame seeds & almonds


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What a Pixi Skintreats Trio!


Pixi Beauty can make some amazing products, and I’m here to talk about three that I have dubbed the Pixi Trio. Why have I dubbed them so? Well they have completely changed my world for the better, and who knows after reading this they may change your world to, so let’s get started shall we!

1. Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser
Pixi has managed to do what now other company has ever done before, and that is make me love a cream cleanser. I usually stay away from cream cleansers because I have dubbed them “lotion cleansers” which is often what they feel like when I wash my face with them meaning I feel like I’m smearing on lotion and not accomplishing any cleaning at all! When I wash my face I don’t just want it to appear clean, I also want it to feel that way, and usually cream cleansers leave me feeling like I need to wash again, but not this one! First off this Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser which is made for all skin types smells amazing like a rose cinnamon smell that’s actually quite lovely, and it contains mineral rich mud that cleanses plus helps soften skin while Rose & Avocado conditions, and Chamomile & Aloe Vera soothes. Sounds wonderful doesn’t? It truly is!! I absolutely love using this mild cleanser to wash my face with, and here’s bonus points because not only is it not hard to wash off but my skin feels so clean after I use it, plus it’s so super soft! I’m truly convinced that it’s the mud that makes this Rose Cream Cleanser one for me to love, but one things for sure, and that’s I can’t say I don’t use cream cleansers any longer.

Loving things so far? Well let’s hit #2

2. Rose Caviar Essence
First let me apologize for the picture, but I really had such a hard time with this see through tube that has encapsulated flower oils suspended in a weightless serum/essence inside. It wanted to be red for the pic (I think it’s it’s inner rose coming out) so I just went with it. Moving on, this Rose Caviar Essence is formulated with antioxidants rich natural oils that refine and tone, hydrate and restore skins brightness with this melt into your skin formula, and it’s smells like a rose bouquet! This Rose Caviar Essence completely absorbs into my skin with the tiniest amount (tip of my pinkie) covering my whole face, and it really improves not only how my skin looks overall, but also how it feels. I have been using this day and night with the greatest of pleasures to watch my skin bloom into radiance after every time I apply it. It’s definitely something that I would love to keep in my skincare routine especially for Winter because it hydrates so well, but we have one more #pixipretty to cover, so onward!

3. Rose Oil Blend
With my combination skin I have to be really careful about using any types of oil serums or blends so what I’ve been using this one for is mixing with my makeup, and acne when I break out. This Rose Oil Blend is a powerful youth preservative, and with this luxe oil Blend which is a rich source of Botanical extracts and vitamin E helping to strengthen and nourish, skin is rejuvenated. When I break out I take a small amount of this and apply it to whatever blemish I have, and not only does it keep my skin from scaring because it stays moisturized but it also helps breakouts to speed up their recovery. When I want a nice dewy glow I just add a drop of two to my foundation and mix then apply for a more youthful appearance to my skin. As far as smell, well you’re not going to get roses, but more of a botanical bouquet from the Rose Oil, Pomegranate Oil & Rose Geranium Oil used to make it. The smell is still lovely, just not roses.

So that’s it for my Pixi Trio, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon with more goodies to share with you. Until then don’t forget to stay sweet!
Candi 🍬

Sometimes you just have to make those tough decisions, even when you don’t want to.


When it comes to skincare I often have my head in the clouds dreaming of what I’ll try next, and checking out all the amazing new products that are out there that I feel I really need to try, at least it was that way until a few days ago. A few days ago this perspective was changed for me when I cleaned up my room, and my discoveries left me a bit sad.

Upon cleaning up my room and hitting my “stash” I found product upon product that I have not even opened or much less used, and thought how did I forget about this all? So I decided to hit the bathroom to take stock of my 3 bin skincareaddicts dream of facial care goodness and although I see these every day I was a bit shocked when I started counting. This is what I found:

24 Face Washes (4 that have never been used)
26 Facial Masks (3 that have never been used)
8 Body Scrubs (1 that has never been used)
6 Facial Peels (all have been tired, but moderation, moderation)
And 7 Facial Scrubs (2 have never been tried)

As I sat back and looked at these numbers, I thought wow, and then I thought wow 😒. While I’m not someone who uses the same product everyday (I let my skin tell me what it needs) and I’m using all of these products (except the ones I forgot about) I feel like I am wasting skincare and that’s not okay at all in my book! So I have come up with a plan, and I’m hoping to stick to it.

My plan is until I get half of these numbers down I can’t buy anymore products in those categories, and when they are halfway down I can only replace what gets emptied. This is going to be so hard to do, but I feel like I owe it to myself and all the skincare in my arsenal to do so. Although there’s nothing wrong with trying new things, there’s also nothing wrong with using the ones you’ve tried and already love too. You’ll notice I didn’t count moisturizers, serums, essences, sunscreens, ampoules, and mists and that’s because I already had enough sadness and needed no more.

So starting this week after whatever comes in the mail the only thing I will have coming in is my 0.8L testing products, and those will be going down slightly as my Try Now’s will be based on products I have not tried it all. I know I can do this, but I’m not looking forward to telling myself no.

Skincare is so very important to me, and it should be for everyone truthfully, because without a good skincare regimen in place your skin will breakout, look dull, dry out, over produce oils, and not perform well under makeup at all. Sometimes I see people showing videos of them applying makeup and their faces have so many skincare issues that instead of them taking care of it, they just cover it up. That’s really not okay for anyone’s skin, because left alone those skin issues can multiply, and covering it up does not let the skin breath to recover the way it needs to. So take care of your skin, love your skin the way the way it needs to be loved, and the results will leave you amazed!

Thank you for stopping by to read my Blog on this Skincare Sunday, and if you follow me on Instagram you know that today is also Mask Sunday which will bring the mask # down to 25 πŸ˜‰. I hope you all have an amazing day, and until next time don’t forget to stay sweet!!


All Masks are not created the same, and that’s why I love them!

I love masking and anyone that follows me on Instagram knows just what Sunday holds… Mask Sunday!! To me that day of relaxation calls for masking not just for the relaxation, but also because I’m a big skin care fanatic which means taking care of my skin is a big must in anyway I can. But what are my favorites, and least favorites you ask? Well I’m here to tell you starting with my most favorite and going down to the least favorite. Let’s begin shall we.

1. Charcoal/Clay/Mud Masks
I have combination skin,which means I walk around most of the time looking like someone poured oil on my face, and these masks step in to save the day! I love these masks the most because of the great skincare they give from purging black heads and getting out unwanted nasties to drying my skin out so I look moisturized but not oily. You’ll notice in the pic that I have alot of these and that’s the reason why, but they aren’t they only ones that bring my skin joy.

2. Magnetic Mask
This e.l.f Cosmetics Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask is the only one of its kind I own, plus that I have ever heard of. I love everything about this mask from how it starts warming up when I apply it to how soft it leaves my skin when I remove it with my little magnetic tool it comes with. This is what I call my “but I really don’t feel like doing skincare mask”, because it’s simple, quick, easy, and it leaves my skin right where I need it. If you haven’t tried this mask you really really need to, but there are other masks besides this lovely so let’s move on to number 3 shall we.

3.Peel Off Masks
Peel Off masks aren’t for alot of people, but for me these “I am going to pull it all out” masks are a must, in moderation that is. I use a peel off mask only once a month because pulling out all natural oils repeatedly is not good for your skin, so once I month these grab dirt, oil, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and then my skin goes to “thanks so much I’m much better until next time”. Side note here tho, there are peel off masks that are beyond painful, and for me those are a no because why should I have to hurt like that when I can use another mask that does the same job but doesn’t feel like its pulling off my skin? The answer is I don’t. Flat out, if I use it once and the pain is making me have thoughts of a wash cloth on a peel off mask, well then that mask is going in the trash because taking care of your skin should never be painful, no matter what anyone says. Your skin doesn’t appreciate that, and in the long run neither will you.

4. Exfoliating Masks
Exfoliation is key to healthy skin to remove dead skin cells and reveal clean healthy skin underneath. Exfoliation is a part of everyday Korean skincare, and I love Kbeauty so I have been doing the same with a mild exfoliant in my skincare routine, but if I know I’m going to use one of these masks I skip exfoliating that day in my skincare routine because sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, but with moderation things can flow smoothly. Exfoliating Masks are something everyone should have in their mask arsenal in my opinion, but I’m sure you’re probably wondering about number 5, so onward we go!

5. Bubble Masks
The saviours of breakout sessions. My skin stays pretty clear from outbreaks, except for hormonal and that’s why these are everything in those dark moody days. These masks can bring breakouts to the surface making them heal quicker, and also purge the skin of unwanted gunk. They tickle too, and it’s really fun to watch those bubbles grow after I apply them. In those times I need a good laugh also so these not only take care of my skin but they give me a good laugh at the same time. You should try them some time. πŸ˜‰

6. Wash Off Maska
These masks are in the bottom because although they leave me moisturized, and with a lovely healthy glow they tend to make my face oily afterwards. I love these masks mostly during Winter when it’s nice and cold because my skin dries out just a small tad. An overproduction of oils usually doesn’t happen then, but I do occasionally use them during the warmer weather just to treat sun kissed skin, and give back what the sun has taken out. I don’t hate them but they leave me very unsatisfied in a way. All that’s left now is the last spot.

7. Sheet Masks
I guess you’ve noticed there is not a picture for #7 and that’s because I currently don’t have any because they are my least favorite. Why are they the least? My Combination Skin is why. Sheet Masks to me are quite the pain, and the reason why is you can’t really manage them. Filled with essence these masks are great for anyone with dry skin but for people like me or ones with oily skin these can be a nightmare! Sure I can take my fingers and drag great gobs of essence off of them before I apply them, but there’s still so much left on my face that no matter of “tapping in” is going to work. So I’m left wiping the rest off my face, and then walking around with a face that feels sticky, and just too full, and who wants that besides someone with desert dry skin? Not me, I mean yeah I have found a few that I kinda liked, but overall I have never met one that rocked my world and made me want to stock up.

Well that’s it from my favorite to my least favorite masks, and if you have one you would like to recommend then leave me a comment below, with my thanks in advance. If you don’t mask let me tell you that you are doing a disservice to your skin. Love your skin and it will love you back to great lengths.

I hope you had fun reading this, and tomorrow is Mask Sunday my favorite event of the week so if your on Instagram check out to see what I’m masking with tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading my Blog, and until next time don’t forget to stay sweet!!

Candi 🍬